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12 Feb

Online study - Nouwen’s Three Movements of the Spiritual Life: Loneliness to Solitude

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Lisa Buffum

Time & Date

Event Starts:
02/12/2018 12:00PM
Event Ends:
02/24/2018 5:00PM
Time Zone

CT - Central Time

Event Details

Where are you experiencing or carrying loneliness in your life? What might it mean to move to a place of "solitude" instead? How do we open ourselves to God transforming us and easing this pain, and how do we nurture this change? Using Henri Nouwen’s book "Reaching Out: The Three Movements of the Spiritual Life" as our reference point, we will focus on the first "movement" toward a deeper spiritual life — moving from a personal sense of loneliness to that of peaceful solitude. There will be reflections, readings and posting most of the days of the two weeks. The second and third movements of Nouwen’s spiritual journey (Hostility to Hospitality and Illusion to Prayer), which deal with our relationship to others and our relationship to God, will be offered as additional classes during Lent. A discount of $15 is available if you sign up for all three. We would love to have you journey with us through all six weeks of Lent. You will need a copy of Nouwen’s Reaching Out for this course. This course is eligible for 1.0 CEU. Price: $30

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