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08 Oct

Online class — Devotion to Jesus: The Divinity of Christ in Earliest Christianity

Time & Date

Event Dates:
October 08, 2018 - December 10, 2018
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CT - Central Time

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Lisa Buffum

Event Details

This is an online course, meaning you can participate at the time of day that works best for your schedule. Course materials will become available at noon CDT on the start day, and you should plan to spend an hour or two (whenever you choose) every day interacting with the course and on the discussion boards.

Study with scholars via the Wesley Lay Academy, a partner project of United Methodist Wesley Theological Seminary and the Richard and Julia Wilke Institute for Discipleship. Larry Hurtado contends that worship of Jesus was a very early, widespread and radical practice for first-century believers. A renowned professor at Edinburgh College, Hurtado is an expert in Christian origins. In this course, Hurtado utterly refutes those skeptical scholars that propose that belief in the divinity of Jesus grew incrementally over time. The more plausible explanation is that Jesus believed he had a unique relationship with God and that he was God’s decisive agent in human history. Video Lectures Include: Introduction to Jesus Devotion Roman and Jewish Backgrounds Jesus in the Letters of Paul Jesus in Jewish Christianity Jesus in the Synoptic Gospels Jesus in the Gospel of John The Costs and Consequences of Jesus Devotion How Did It Happen? Why Does It Matter Today? 2.0 CEUs are available. Price: $50.

Sponsored by:; Wesley Theological Seminary