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08 Jan

Online class - Coffee with Qoheleth: Ruminating on Life with the Author of Ecclesiastes

Time & Date

Event Starts:
01/08/2018 12:00PM
Event Ends:
01/16/2018 5:00PM
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CT - Central Time

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Lisa Buffum

Event Details

Audience: Clergy Lay Leaders Men Older Adult Single Adult Women

After decades of life experience, it’s normal for us to spend more time reflecting on the life we have lived. Go deeper into this practice by comparing your reflections with those of Qoheleth, the author of the biblical book of Ecclesiastes. We’re all familiar with the “For everything there is a season” passage from Ecclesiastes 3, made even more famous by the Pete Seeger song popularized by the Byrds in the mid-1960s. But the rest of Qoheleth’s reflections on life in the book of Ecclesiastes might surprise us as Christians — they seem dark and hopeless, and not what we’d expect from a book of the Bible. Why might this be the case, and what can it teach us? In this course, we’ll imagine we are sitting down to coffee and conversation with Qoheleth. We don’t have to agree with Qoheleth, but Ecclesiastes gives us the opportunity to examine our own reflections through dialogue with his. This course is eligible for 1.0 CEU. Price: $20.00

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