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05 May

Eurasia-Central Asia In Mission Together Consultation XIX 2017

Time & Date

Event Starts:
05/05/2017 8:30AM
Event Ends:
05/06/2017 2:45PM
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EST - Eastern Time


Baltimore-Washington Conference Center
11711 East Market Place
Fulton, MD 20759
United States

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Mel (Miloslav) Munchinsky

Event Details

The Russia Initiative and the rebirth of Methodism in Russia began with five congregations in 1992.  With this initiative, partnerships began between United Methodist churches in the United States and Eurasia and have grown over the last 25 years. At the present time the Eurasia Episcopal Area comprises of Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and Moldova. “In Mission Together” is the program agency which brings partnerships together.  Every two years, a consultation is held to bring these partnerships together and also to focus on a specific area. This event will focus on “Mission Movement… in Eurasia.” You can sign up here.

“Methodism is a missionary movement aimed at making disciples of Jesus Christ and transformation of the world. What can be more honorable and meaningful than to respond to this calling of God and to become a part of this missionary movement? I am grateful to the United Methodists in Eurasia, who devoted their lives to serving Christ and his church. Today, through sacrifice and devotion of many ministers and leaders of our churches, we have an extensive structure of the United Methodist Church in Eurasia. But this is not the ultimate goal. We continue our missionary movement to the East and West, North and South. More than 200 million Russian-speaking people in Eurasia do not practice religious life. At the same time, the majority of them are at different stages of a spiritual quest in their lives. Focus on the mission and expansion of the missionary movement is one of the main characteristics of the United Methodist Church. I call on each annual conference to open new churches from 2016 to 2022. To do this, we need the guidance of the Holy Spirit and serious work in the conferences. To further expand our mission, each of us will have to work hard in the following directions and projects:

a) Training missionaries from our United Methodist Church in Eurasia.

b) Training missionary teams at the level of churches, districts and conferences and all the United Methodist churches in Eurasia to serve in different locations in Eurasia.

c) Annual missionary work outside the district or annual conference.

d) School of practical missionary work in UES.

e) Teaching new methods of evangelism up-to-date for modern people.

f)  Evangelism and seminars for newly converted believers in every local church.

g) Double the number of United Methodist churches and members.

h) Growth of the provisional annual conferences to the level of annual conferences. Growth of districts to the level of annual conferences.

Methodism is a missionary MOVEMENT aimed at making disciples of Jesus Christ and transformation of the world.”

  — Bishop Eduard Khegay, Vision for The United Methodist Church in Eurasia, 2016-2022