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We all lead very busy lives, but our busyness makes it even more necessary to spend daily time with God. Spending time in meditation and prayer each day has been shown to have real physical and psychological benefits, and helps center us, calm us, and call us forward as Christians. This course is designed to give us a week in meditation with God — of listening as He speaks to us, of meditating on His Word (reading it and keeping it in our hearts), of talking to Him about the concerns in our lives, of thanking Him for our many blessings, for asking for forgiveness of our sins and the sins of others, and worshiping Him. Price: $30 ***This is an online course, meaning you can participate at the time of day that works best for your schedule. Course materials will become available at Noon Central on the start day, and you should plan to spend an hour or two (whenever you choose) every day interacting with the course and on the discussion boards.***

The Sexual Abuse Summit is a daylong conference focused on addressing the risk of child sexual abuse in ministry environments. Summit speakers are attorneys and sexual abuse experts who repeatedly address legal issues related to child protection.

A weekly worship service that includes preaching, scripture, prayer, music and features guest preachers from a variety of backgrounds and faiths.