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Central Conferences

United Methodists in Africa, Europe and the Philippines are organized by geographical regions called “central conferences.” Like jurisdictions in the U.S., each central conference consists of a number of annual conferences. The denomination has seven central conferences: Africa, Central and Southern Europe, Congo, Germany, Northern Europe and Eurasia, Philippines and West Africa. Learn more about central conferences

For contact information for United Methodist churches outside the United States, please contact the appropriate bishop's office below. These offices can also help you find information on annual conferences and local churches located in each of the episcopal areas. 

If you are looking for information about a church in an international region where there are no United Methodist Churches, find information about affiliated churches.

Africa Central Conferences

Find contact information for the bishops' offices in Africa. View

Europe Central Conferences

Locate contact information for the bishop's office in each episcopal area in Europe. View

Philippines Central Conferences

Get contact information about United Methodist Churches in the Philippines by contacting the bishop's office in the appropriate episcopal area. View