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7021) Meaning, Application, and Effect of Par. 4 of the Constitution inRelation to Pars. 71(f), 402.2, 436 and 2623.1(b), Including Questions of Constitutionality. (2) Status of a Person Approved by the Annual Conference Clergy Session As a Clergy Member But Who is Considered Under Paragraph 402.2 to Be Ineligible for Appointment by the Bishop. (3) Legality of Clergy Session Action to Continue as Probationary Member a Person Understood to be a Self-avowed Practicing Homosexual. (4) Eligibility of a Person Considered to be a Self-avowed Practicing Homosexual to Become an Ordained Elder, to Receive an Appointment, Continue on Leave of Absence, or Continue to Hold Probationary Membership and Deacon's Orders. October 29 1993 Decision