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Memorandum No. 1183

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April 28 2011
In Re: Request for Reconsideration of Judicial Council Decision 1162


Reconsideration denied. Ruben T. Reyes recused himself and did not participate in any of the proceedings related to this memorandum. Jay Arthur Garrison, first lay alternate, participated in the proceedings related to this memorandum.

Although we agree that reconsideration of Decision 1162 should be denied, we have some concern about the six suspensions of Bishop Lito Tangonan. We do not have a complete record of all of the matters in regard to those suspensions, but, from the information we have requested and received, it is not clear that fair process has been adequately provided. It may be that our concern over an incomplete record in this regard is misplaced, but when a bishop of The United Methodist Church is suspended six times since December 2009, and several attempts have been made to obtain reconsideration of our decisions in regard to the various matters surrounding this very troubling situation, we would expect to have a more complete record to determine if there has been a failure of fair process. However, based on the matter before us and the lack of a complete record in regard to the suspensions, we do not have authority to address this matter any further. Jay Arthur Garrison Susan Henry-Crowe Beth Capen Angela Brown Katherine Austin Mahle William B. Lawrence April 29, 2011

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