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Memorandum No. 604

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October 28 1988
In Re: General Conference Adoption of Boycott of Royal Dutch/Shell Products.

Digest of Case

The Judicial Council has no jurisdiction in this case since the question raised is neither one of constitutionality under Constitution 59, nor one of meaning, application or effect under Discipline 2615.

The Judicial Council has consistently held that the General Conference under Constitution 15 has full power over matters distinctively connectional. Participation in a boycott is such a connectional matter. Such a question of substance is appropriate for floor debate but not for judicial review.

Ewing Werlein, Jr., representing the Shell Oil Company, John E. Stumbo, representing the General Board of Global Ministries, and Leonard D. Slutz, representing the General Board of Church and Society appeared in an open hearing at Hershey, Pennsylvania on October 27, 1988.

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