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Decision No. 353

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April 19 1972
In Re: untitled

Digest of Case

The Theological Study Commission on Doctrine and Doctrinal Standards, by vote, petitioned the Judicial Council "to deliver a declaratory judgment as to whether or not the Commission's Report to the General Conference of 1972, proposing a new text for Part II of the . . . Book of Discipline . . . is, in point of law and fact a constitutional amendment and therefore subject to the provisions . . . of Paragraph 64." The Commission also asked "whether or not the first and second Restrictive Rules, Paragraphs 16 and 64, are involved." The petition, under date of March 8, 1972, was signed by the Chairman and Secretary of the Commission. The Judicial Council at the opening of its session at the seat of the General Conference took jurisdiction under Paragraph 1715 because the petition raised issues affecting the work of the Commission as a General Conference body. A hearing on the petition was held on April 15, 1972. Subsequently the Report of the Commission has been received by and is now in the hands of the General Conference itself. Therefore, the Judicial Council has removed from its docket the petition from the Commission. We shall await the directions, if any, of the General Conference.

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