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The Rev. Dr. Hans Martin Niethammer

Germany Central Conference

Hans-Martin Niethammer was born in Stuttgart in March 1958 and grew up in Uhingen, Mannheim, Mühlacker and VS-Schwenningen as the son of a Methodist pastor in the South Germany Annual Conference . After passing his university entrance examinations in VS-Schwenningen and completing his community service in Stuttgart, in 1979 he started studying Protestant Theology at the Universities of Tübingen and Basel, graduating from the Faculty of Protestant Theology at Eberhard Karls University Tübingen in 1984. 

Hans-Martin Niethammer gained his first experience as a pastor in local church ministry for the UMC South Germany Annual Conference from 1984 to 1988 in the Mössingen circuit to the south west of Reutlingen. He was also ordained during this period (1987). For a three year period after 1988, Niethammer worked on his doctoral thesis at the University of Basel under the supervision of Professor Dr. Walter Neidhart, and in 1993 he was awarded the title "Dr. theol." in Practical Theology for his work on "Church Membership in the Free Church", a membership survey among confessing UMC members about their relationship to the church. From 1991 onwards, he worked for ten years as senior pastor at the UM Erlöserkirche Reutlingen, followed by ten years as Superintendent with responsibility for the Stuttgart District. Since 2011 he is senior pastor in the UM Böblingen circuit.

Besides his work in local church ministry and special ministry, Hans-Martin Niethammer was also involved in assignments and auxiliary activities in many areas of the UMC and also going over and beyond the UMC: 

Tasks within the church and between churches:

Since 2011 - Chair of the Authority for Financial Matters in the South Germany Annual Conference
Since 2009 - Member of the Committee for Finance and Labour Law of the Germany Central Conference
Since 2000 - Member of the Central Conference of UMC Germany
Since 1992 - Member of the Administrative Board at Reutlingen School of Theology,
                     2001-2011: Member of the Board
                     2001-2005: Chair of the Board
2011-2016 - Chair of the Authority for Financial Matters in the South Germany Annual Conference
2009-2012 - Chair of the Committee for Finance and Labour Law of the Germany Central Conference
2001-2011 - Member of the UM Church Council of UMC Germany
1997-2001 - Chair of the Standing Committee for Ordained Ministry in the South Germany Annual Conference

Ecumenical activities:

Since 1997 - Member of Committee A: Theology and Spirituality of der ACK Baden-Württemberg, as Chair since 2010


Since 2013 - Teaching assignment with the Methodist e-Academy
2002-2011 - Member of the European Methodist
1999-2008 - Involvement in translating and adapting the Book of Discipline of the General Conference
2008-2016 - Member of the Board of Directors of the General Board of Higher Education and Ministries of the General Conference


2006 - Creating Church Together. Introduction to the Methodist Church Constitution for the leadership of churches and circuits. Frankfurt 2006.
1998 - The Church and the Churches. National church and free church between institution and organisation. Pastoral Theology 87, 1998, p. 347-354.
1995 - Church Membership in the Free Church. Sociological church study based on an empirical survey among Methodists. Church and Confession Volume 37. Göttingen 1995.

Hans-Martin Niethammer is married; he and his wife have three grown-up children. 

Translation: Jaqueline Rohmann