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Bishop Hans Växby


Myrbackavagen 4D73
Fin-01600 Vanda, Finland

Phone Number
358 40 081 1873

Email Address
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Hans Växby was born in Nässjö, Sweden. He became a preparatory member of the Sweden Annual Conference, and moved to Finland after his marriage in 1968. He was ordained elder in the Finland Swedish Provisional Annual Conference. Before his election to bishop in April, 1989, he served local churches in Jakobstad and Borgå.

Having served twelve years (maximum according to term rules in Northern Europe) in the Baltic and Nordic Area, he reassumed his annual conference membership, and served as a local church pastor for four years. In February, 2005, he was elected to the episcopacy a second time, and served the Eurasia Area through 2012.

Hans is married to Kaija-Rooka, who was born in Helsinki, Finland. She is a United Methodist pastor, and member of the Finland Swedish Provisional Annual Conference. The Växbys have two sons: Anssi and Henri.